Medical Office Cleaning Indianapolis

Medical Office Cleaning IndianapolisMedical Office Cleaning Indianapolis

Real Green Cleaning, we specialize in cleaning smaller medical offices.  This would include dental offices, family medical practices, and many specialist offices.  We understand what your needs are when it comes to having a clean office. We can ensure that when your patients walk into your office, they are going to experience a level of clean that will put them at ease.  We understand the need to follow all HIPAA compliance’s to ensure the safety of your patients information.

Because we offer a complete green cleaning service, your patients will not have to deal with the strong and potentially dangerous fumes.  We also provide a FREE recycling program. [Read more…]

A New Year, A New You

Every year, we all try our best to improve upon our lives for the new year.  For some people it is a matter of getting fit, getting more organized, or accomplishing a feat they have always wanted to try.  This year maybe our goal should be to live a greener, more eco-friendly life.

It’s really not hard to change a few things in our lives to reduce our impact on the earth.  The hard part is getting started, but once we get going we usually find that it becomes a comfortable part of our day-to-day lives.  Here are a few ideas to make 2012 your greenest year yet. [Read more…]

Weatherproofing The House

It may seem like a lot of work, but increasing the efficiency of your home for winter is really pretty simple.  There are three inexpensive and simple things you can do to reduce the energy you use during the cold months: caulk and seal windows, install draft-stoppers and/or weatherstripping to exterior doors, and adjust window blinds to let sunlight in during the day. [Read more…]

We’re Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Here in Indianapolis, it seems impossible to picture a White Christmas right now.  It is 60 degrees and rainy out there!  A green Christmas, however, is still very attainable.  According to the EPA, the average US family generates 25% more waste (totaling 1 million tons a week) between Thanksgiving and New Years day.  All of the extra food, wrapping paper, bows, and Christmas trees really takes a toll on our landfills.  There are some simple things we can all do to keep Christmas green this year. [Read more…]

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Real Green Cleaning always strives to make sure that we can offer our clients the best experience when it comes to or cleaning.  One of those areas is commercial carpet cleaning.  Commercial carpet cleaning requires a deeper knowledge of your cleaning solutions and also the typical time restraints.  AT Real Green Cleaning, we know just what it takes to provide you with great looking carpet every time.  Have you had companies in the past clean but have the stains just come back the next day? With our system we eliminate the root cause for reoccurring stains.  This is all done in a GREEN and safe manner.  Our system uses more then 90% less water then a traditional carpet cleaner! The carpet will be ready to walk on in about one hour!  Contact us today to learn more and schedule a free quote.

The Importance of a Good Vacuum

Real Green Cleaning sees that using a proper vacuum for every job a vital importance.  If it is for our carpet cleaning or our office cleaning, we have made sure that we use some of the very best to provide a deep clean and also clean air to breath.  For our Office Cleaning we use a backpack style vacuum that has a multi stage HEPA filter and work at a low volume to insure the safety of the user and those who might be near at the time of the cleaning.  Bags are changed often to provide the best results every time.  Our vacuum for carpet cleaning is a SEBO X4, which is one of the best vacuums made.  No cheap 40-dollar special vacuum for us!  It has a hospital grade air filtration system that trap all the things we cannot see but do not want to breath.  The brush spins at 2400 rpm which is more the four times faster then a standard vacuum to ensure that the brush digs deep into the carpet to get is deep cleaned.  Vacuums are an area that most carpet cleaners fail on see the importance of.  We know that if you add water to dust you make mud.  Mud is one of the last things you want in your carpet! Real Green Cleaning cares about every step of the process! Contact us today to learn more about our system.

Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning

Real Green Cleaning offers an area rug cleaning service that combines the fast drying system with a deep cleaning that area rugs require.  Large or small, long or short.  All area rugs should be cleaned as often as your carpets are cleaned.  Our system gets deep into the fibers of the rug while using our green cleaners to provide you with a rug that is not only clean but safe for you and your family.  All of this with the service done right inside your own home.  A couple of things that you should know before you have your rugs cleaned.  Wool rugs that get wet smell like the animal that they came from.  There is now way around this.  Once the rug is dry the smell goes away.  If your area rug is worth more than two thousand dollars and made with the finest silks and other fine fabrics, we will not clean them.  Typically each major city will have one or two cleaners that can clean those rugs but it will come with a great cost.  Give us a call today to learn more about this service. 317-417-7952

Glad to see the kids back to school

I am glad to see the kids back to school.  Do I have kids in school? Nope.  But in the carpet cleaning industry, for an entire month people with school aged children are not thinking about getting their carpet cleaned.  Who can blame them.  There are soooooo many things that people have to buy and make sure everything is ready to start off the school year right.  It seems like such a huge ordeal to get kids ready for school.  I really dont remember it being that way.  A: we were broke and it was not like I was getting new cholths being that I was the youngest of 3 boys.  B:  I just always followed the lead of my brothers so I never noticed anything going around me.  I am sure my parents freaked out but they hid it well.  I am just glad kids are back in school 🙂


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Small business owners join forces

I am part of Home Based Power Circle, a group of sales and business owners that work closely together to ensure that our clients have a trustworthy list of local companies to call.  Check them out at the link below!

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30+ mpg is a big step towards being more green!

At Real Green Cleaning, we honestly try to do our service in the most GREEN manner that we can.  Our Real Green CLeaning car gets over 30MPG and can haul everything that we need to do a job properly.  No huge V8 vans for us!




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