Medical Office Cleaning Indianapolis

Medical Office Cleaning IndianapolisMedical Office Cleaning Indianapolis

Real Green Cleaning, we specialize in cleaning smaller medical offices.  This would include dental offices, family medical practices, and many specialist offices.  We understand what your needs are when it comes to having a clean office. We can ensure that when your patients walk into your office, they are going to experience a level of clean that will put them at ease.  We understand the need to follow all HIPAA compliance’s to ensure the safety of your patients information.

Because we offer a complete green cleaning service, your patients will not have to deal with the strong and potentially dangerous fumes.  We also provide a FREE recycling program.  We provide all of the recycling bins that your office will need and empty them weekly.  Most medical offices create a large amount of paper, cardboard and plastic waste, so we eliminate all of that from going to landfills.

Here are some of the services that we offer.

•Vacuuming with Certified Green vacuums
•Bathroom, everything from toilets to metal partitions
•Employee Lounges
•Dusting of all flat surfaces
•UVC cleaning of cloth chairs to kill germs, viruses, and bacteria
•Mopping of solid surface floors
•Window washing
•Establishing a recycling program with us providing the recycling bins and removal of waste upon request. We have saved thousands of pounds of trash from going into local landfills!
•Removal of garbage, all garbage bags replaced with Biodegradable bags upon request
•Carpet cleaning
•Strip and wax of VCT floors

What our Medical Office Clients have to say about Real Green Cleaning

Real Green Cleaning has made our recycling program effortless, while keeping our fees very competitive.

Jaime S.
dental office owner

We also know that you are busy and that we can also take care of all of your carpet cleaning needs by setting up a a maintenance plan to clean the carpets as needed and to also do all of the spot removal that occurs.  Contact us today to learn how we can help your medical stay clean while providing a safe and healthy environment for all of your patients and staff.

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