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Tile and Grout Cleaning Indianapolis

In addition to carpet and office cleaning we now offer tile & grout cleaning for all of central Indiana. Ceramic tile hard surface floor coverings build up grime and bacteria in the porous surfaces of the grout and textured tile surfaces. And like carpet, they too eventually need professional attention. We are those professionals!

We specialize in cleaning and sealing ceramic tile and grout for residential and commercial installations. Microscopic pores allow dirt and other contaminates to become trapped below the surface, where they cannot be removed with regular mopping. The dirt continues to build up inside those spores, leaving tile and grout looking dark, dirty, and discolored. Even hand scrubbing with harsh cleaners can be ineffective, not to mention, time consuming and extremely labor intensive.

How We Clean Your Grout and Tile the Real Green Cleaning Way

Our process is much safer then many other companies use.  We can scrub both the tile and grout lines with our special machine that was made for this very process.  As with all of our cleaning methods this is a low moisture/green cleaning method.  No worries about the grout being damaged because of a high powered sprayer.  Our process focuses on the power of agitation during the cleaning process. We first inspect the current condition of the tile and grout.  all non-tile surfaces that surround the tile is taped off and protected from the cleaning process.  Our machine orbits at 1750 rpm which allows the specially designed grout brush to clean away all of the built up dirt and grim with using a cleaner that is safe for you and the environment!  We can also clear seal your tile once the cleaning is finished.  So if you have been looking at your tile and wondering what it would actually look like if it was cleaned by a pro, contact us today.

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