Why Green?

Green Carpet Cleaning IndianapolisYour home and work should be the last places that you have to worry about dealing with  toxic fumes.  Our services allow you to breathe easier and have peace of mind.  The products we use are low impact, certified green products, which do not harm the environment.  Avoiding the use of paper products in cleaning is another way we minimize waste.  We help your business and home become Green and also lessen its carbon footprint!

Being Green is what we are.  It is not just an additional service but our focus and  passion.  We take pride in using the best products that will be the most environmentally friendly. From our HEPA filtering vacuums to the reusable microfiber cloths used in cleaning, we strive to lessen our impact on the environment while keeping your business and home clean.

Your "BIG PICTURE" Green Cleaning in Indianapolis
1.  Use only certified GREEN products in the cleaning process*
2.  Drive a fuel effecient vehical.  No oversized V8 van!
3.  Use high powered portable cleaning unit.  No machine running on gas during the entire process.
4.  Office cleaning clients recieve free recycleing bins and removal of recyclable trash.  We have helped local business save THOUSANDS of pounds of trash from going to landfills.

*Some stains cannot be removed in a "green" manner.  You will be given the option to use non-green stain removers to remove the stain.  It is your choice.

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