Upholstery Cleaning Service

Real Green Cleaning provides the very best in Green Upholstery Cleaning in Indianapolis and surrounding areas.  We have the ability to use the traditional hot water extraction method but we can also provide you with the very latest in low moisture, fast drying upholstery cleaning.   Our low moisture system uses the very latest in equipment that can bust through the very worst spills and stains while being gentle enough to not harm your delicate fibers.  With our green cleaning solutions, we are able to clean up everyday dirt and oils that build up on your furniture but we are also able to remove pet stains in a gentle method.

Our steps in cleaning your furniture and upholstery.

  1. Inspect what is going to be cleaned.  Note any and all stains and show them to the client
  2. Vacuum the entire piece to remove and loose objects, dirt, dust and hair.
  3. Pre-Treat and spots
  4. Spray upholstery with a green cleaning solution.
  5. Clean all the furniture with either the low moisture system or traditional hot water extraction. In extreme soiling situations we will use both systems together to get the upholstery to look the very best that it can.
  6. Brush all the fibers to ensure the proper appearance once upholstery is dried.
  7. Apply special upholstery fan if a faster drying time is requested.

Green Upholstery Cleaning in Indianpolis

While we do not clean leather, we can handle all of your standard materials. Real Green Cleaning provides the upholstery cleaning Indianapolis demands.   From cotton to microfiber, commercial to residential, we take care of it all.  Contact Real Green Cleaning today for all of your furniture and upholstery cleaning needs.  We service all of greater Indianapolis.  Call us today at 317-417-7952

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