Carpet Cleaning Plainfield IN

Carpet Cleaning Plainfield IN

Real Green Cleaning sees every customer and every carpet cleaning project as important. They believe that providing an environmentally friendly and outstanding job of carpet cleaning to customers in the Plainfield area is built with each project at a time and each thoughtful business decision the company makes – and customers notice the difference! But what makes Real Green Cleaning so successful? There are a few special differences that make Real Green Cleaning stand out as one of the best up and coming locally owned carpet cleaning businesses in the central Indiana area.

Locally owned means you matter- Real Green Cleaning is completely locally owned and operated right here in central Indiana. The owner and operator of Real Green Cleaning gives personal attention to every appointment.  Whether you want to restore the look of your carpets, or you have an immediate spill that needs attention, you can trust that the job will be done correctly. Your satisfaction is important because this locally owned business is here for you!  Customers in the Plainfield area are noticing this outstanding service and are giving Real Green Cleaning great feedback for the competent work and service that is delivered.

Environmentally Friendly Also Means Fast – When you have the carpets in your home or business cleaned with Real Green Cleaning, you will enjoy a short wait time before going back to business as usual. Because Real Green Cleaning uses a low-water, environmentally friendly solution to clean carpets, you can expect a dry carpet in about sixty minutes! This low-moisture technique uses about a tenth of the water that regular steam cleaning would and some say that it cleans more effectively and smells better! The solution is a safe choice for carpet cleaning because the ingredients are mostly naturally-derived and many are certified by Green Seal, an environmentally minded nonprofit

Carpet Cleaning Plainfield IN

Real Green Cleaning provides the best carpet cleaning in Plainfield IN as well as as upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and office cleaning services. Please call today for more information.

Plainfield IN now has a place to go for professional carpet cleaning.

When it comes to maintaining the thousands of dollars you have spent on your carpet, don’t be fooled by the many low-priced, inexperienced carpet cleaning offers! We will always exceed your expectations and protect your investment for years to come. Give us a try, and you will never have to hunt for another carpet cleaner again.

Water Restoration Plainfield IN

A burst pipe or a sump pump failure can happen at any time. If that time does come, we are the pros that you need to call. Flooded basements can lead to serious water damage in Plainfield IN so you need to know who to call to ensure that your family is safe and your home is dried safely. We provide a 24-7 service so you can know that whenever a water event happens we can be out there soon.

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