Glad to see the kids back to school

I am glad to see the kids back to school.  Do I have kids in school? Nope.  But in the carpet cleaning industry, for an entire month people with school aged children are not thinking about getting their carpet cleaned.  Who can blame them.  There are soooooo many things that people have to buy and make sure everything is ready to start off the school year right.  It seems like such a huge ordeal to get kids ready for school.  I really dont remember it being that way.  A: we were broke and it was not like I was getting new cholths being that I was the youngest of 3 boys.  B:  I just always followed the lead of my brothers so I never noticed anything going around me.  I am sure my parents freaked out but they hid it well.  I am just glad kids are back in school 🙂


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