Green Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis

Green Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis Specialists

What exactly does “Green Carpet Cleaning” mean? We realize this concept of “green cleaning” is more complex than just switching ingredients in a chemical. It’s more about putting emphasis upon the process, procedures and the overall dedication of company as opposed to the cleaning solution itself. This is something we take seriously as it impacts on your family’s health and the environment we live in. For the healthiest carpet cleaning Indianapolis has ever seen call 317-417-7952!

Fast Dry Carpet Cleaning Indianapolis

Our exclusive dry carpet cleaning method is fast drying. Steam cleaning systems can leave your carpet wet for 24 hours or more.   Real Green Cleaning understands that your time is valuable. We want to get you back to life as normal as quickly as possible. In fact, our typical dry times are around 1 hour. Our low moisture process achieves this.   This process can use 90% less water then a traditional steam cleaners.  No humid house and no wet feet.  For the greenest dry carpet cleaning in Indianapolis call 317-417-7952!

Water Restoration that Indianapolis can trust!

There are some water events that happen in life that has to be taken care of by a professional to ensure that there is no further damage. We understand that and know how to help. With professionally trained staff and 24/7 availability, Real Green Cleaning is your go to company for all of your water damage needs. From flooded basements, broken water lines and over flowing toilets, we can dry your house with great care. We can work with your insurance provider or work directly with you depending on the extent of damage or the situation.

Why being Green matters to Real Green Cleaning

Health and Safety of your family, employees, and pets
-Plant Based Formulas
-No known carcinogens
-Carpets are dry fast to stop the growth of mold and bacteria

Reduce our impact on the Earth’s resources
-90% less water used then a standard carpet cleaner
-Paperless office practices

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