Four foundations for going green

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As you focus on living a green lifestyle, keep these four strategies in mind.  You can explore these in many different ways, all of which are beneficial to the earth and its inhabitants.

Reduce Consumption:  Any little bit helps when it come to this strategy.  It is often easiest to start with small changes, so try eliminating plastic bags from your shopping routine.  Try using a canvas tote or other reusable bag from now on.  Another step you can take is to seek out products that use less packaging.  It is a simple change, but it can make a huge impact over time.  Get creative when it comes to reducing consumption and pass along your great ideas to friends and family.

Get Picky:  Please consider the full life-cycle of a product before you buy it.  Think about how the product was produced, how it was transported to be sold, and how it will eventually be disposed of.  By doing this, you will start to understand the long-term effects your buying decisions have on the earth.  Using this strategy not only helps you to protect the earth, but also allows you to effect the people involved in the manufacturing process in a positive way.

Switch to RenewablesThis strategy can often be hard to adhere to, but try looking to others for help.  By replacing your non-renewable energy sources (like fossil fuels) with renewable sources (wind or solar), you can limit the long-term impact on the earth.  Visit your local energy providers to see what options are available to you (See IPL and Citizens Energy Group).

Make the Fix:  Although there has already been a lot of damage done to the earth, we can still work hard to restore it.  All of the above strategies are part of this one.  For local ideas, check out the Keep Indianapolis Beautiful web page for ideas on how to be a part of the fix.  They host several community clean ups and tree-planting events that are a great way to get involved.

These strategies are all a part of a green lifestyle, and an effective effort involves commitment to all four.  Real Green Cleaning works hard to implement all of these in our work, and we look forward to sharing in the effort with you.  Check us out on our website for your office and carpet cleaning needs.

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