Bikers welcome!

Each year, the average Hoosier spends over 6% of their income on gasoline.  That hurts, no matter who you are.  Gas prices are typically above average here in Indy, and the public transportation options are not always ideal.  Luckily, riding the bus is not the only way to scoot around town.

Riding a bike to work or the grocery store may seem crazy, but a lot of folks are doing it and it can be quite fun!  There’s even a club of sorts that is working hard to reach out to the community to promote the benefits of cycling.  The Indy Cog gang keeps us updated with all the biking news in the city.  Visit the INDYcog site to see what they are up to.

The last several years have brought dozens of miles of new bike trails and lanes to the city, and Mayor Greg Ballard hopes to reach a goal of 110 miles of trails/lanes by 2015.  It is clear that biking the city has many benefits, such as saving money, saving fuel, getting fit, and saving time.  Yeah, biking around the city can even save you time!   You can check out to find out more about them.     They have several great maps to help you navigate the city and surrounding trails with ease.  Both websites mentioned above contain lots of great information to help you prepare to bike the town.

Check out the video below to learn about the Indy Cultural Trail System, which is unlike any other in the country.  It will link all of the wonderful arts districts, neighborhoods, and major pipelines in the city.


So the next time you think about hopping in the car to pick up your books at the library or that one ingredient you forgot for dinner, consider taking the bike for a ride.  You may even get their faster, and you’ll definitely have more fun.  When it comes to Indianapolis, bikers are totally welcome!

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