Superbowl Goes Green In Indy

The Superbowl attracts thousands of attendees and millions of viewers on television.  With all of these people involved, you can be sure that a lot of waste will be generated.  Paper and plastics for food and beverage containers will be discarded in huge amounts. An enormous amount of fuel will be used to transport people to the city of Indianapolis, and lots more to travel around town.  One thing is for certain, lots of food will be consumed for the big game.  With this large amount of food, there comes a lot of waste.  It is nice to know, however, that plans are in place to help reduce the negative impact of the Superbowl.

In an effort to cut down on paper and plastic waste, The Alcoa Foundation has donated $125,000 to The Indiana Recycling Coalition to make it easier for fans to recycle their waste.  Most of the money will be spent to place recycling bins at “public venues, college athletic locations, public golf courses and state and city parks (Fox 59 News).”  The most recycled material in America is the aluminum can, and this effort is sure to help collect lots of those!

As mentioned above, lots of traveling will take place within the city limits for the Superbowl, and our friends at IndyGo have made it easy to get around.  They have provided details about free downtown routes, airport service, visitor information, popular destinations, and many other great features at this link:

The JW Marriott is the newest addition to the Indianapolis Skyline.

JW Marriott Indianapolis

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It’s an impressive structure, and it is great to know that they are working hard to stay green (especially for the Superbowl).  The JW Marriott will be serving lots of food for the game and they have a plan in place to reduce the amount of waste they produce.  Check out this video to see what they have planned:

You can also do your part to reduce the Superbowl’s carbon footprint by checking out 1st & Green.  You can sign up and track daily activities that you do to make the event a little greener.  Plant a tree, shorten a shower, or ride a bike to work!  Keep track of it all and the winner will be recognized in the Superbowl Village on Georgia street.

Although we may not all be football fans, we can all take part in making the event greener.  Take a look at the links provided and do your part to make this game the best there has ever been!

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