Embrace the benefits of a Real Green lifestyle

As you start to embark on a greener lifestyle, be prepared to see several benefits.  Going green can improve your life in nearly all areas.  Here are just a few of the many benefits of living a Real Green lifestyle.

Saving money: When you consume fewer resources, it makes sense that you will save some cash.  [Read more…]

Smells can be deceiving.

Distinct smells are often associated with a particular person, place, or thing.  Maybe even a feeling.  For many, the smell of chlorine bleach provides a sense of comfort and cleanliness.  Even if the smell of bleach is something you love, you may want to think twice before you use it. [Read more…]

Around the House Checklist

Cleaning the house can often seem overwhelming, but it does not need to be that way.  As with most tasks, it is much easier when you have a plan in place.  Try using a checklist for daily, weekly, monthly, and biannual tasks.  [Read more…]

Indianapolis Recycling Guide

When it comes to recycling, many people think it is too difficult.  In some cities that may be true, but here in Indianapolis there are lots of options.  See below for a collection of local resources that provide useful recycling information.

Keep Indianapolis Beautiful has composed an extensive database of local recycling companies and convenient [Read more…]

Lose the ooze, clean with green!

Making your own cleaning products is easy, fun, and can save you lots of money.  Many recipes only require a few ingredients, and you will find that many of the ingredients can be used in multiple cleaners.  Although using green cleaners sometimes takes longer or more effort, they definitely will do the job and do it well. [Read more…]

Medical Office Cleaning Indianapolis

Medical Office Cleaning IndianapolisMedical Office Cleaning Indianapolis

Real Green Cleaning, we specialize in cleaning smaller medical offices.  This would include dental offices, family medical practices, and many specialist offices.  We understand what your needs are when it comes to having a clean office. We can ensure that when your patients walk into your office, they are going to experience a level of clean that will put them at ease.  We understand the need to follow all HIPAA compliance’s to ensure the safety of your patients information.

Because we offer a complete green cleaning service, your patients will not have to deal with the strong and potentially dangerous fumes.  We also provide a FREE recycling program. [Read more…]

Carpet cleaning tips

Keeping your carpets clean can be tough, but here are a few simple tips to help keep them clean longer.

1. Vacuum regularly – Vacuuming at least once a week will help to keep dirt levels at a minimum.  Any less, and you will find that dirt tends to get out of hand and will not come up too easily.  Put on some headphones or watch a good show, and make it a fun event.

2. Take off those shoes – It may seem annoying, but it pays off in the end!  Our shoes pick up lots of germs and dirt all day long, and you definitely do not want that in your home.  Leave the dirty shoes in the entryway and put on some cozy slippers to lounge around the house.

3. Use doormats – Maybe you have guests over and you do not feel like asking them to remove their shows.  That is OK!  Use a doormat so everyone can at least wipe some of the worst debris off outside of the house.  Keep a doormat at each exterior door for best results.

4. Use rugs to cover high traffic areas – We all have our routines.  Couch to refrigerator, front door to kitchen, bathroom to bed.  If it gets a lot of traffic, try putting down a nice rug to cover up these areas.

5. Clean up spills immediately – This may be the best tip yet.  Sometimes our reaction is to put off cleaning up a spill, but this is the worst thing you can do!  The longer the stain sits, the harder it is to clean up.  Spills immediately begin to set up so it is best to be punctual in cleaning.

For best results plan on having Real Green Cleaning perform routine cleanings to keep the carpet at its best.  We look forward to your business!

Bikers welcome!

Each year, the average Hoosier spends over 6% of their income on gasoline.  That hurts, no matter who you are.  Gas prices are typically above average here in Indy, and the public transportation options are not always ideal.  Luckily, [Read more…]

Superbowl Goes Green In Indy

The Superbowl attracts thousands of attendees and millions of viewers on television.  With all of these people involved, you can be sure that a lot of waste will be generated.  Paper and plastics for food and beverage containers will be discarded in huge amounts. An enormous amount of fuel will be used to transport people to the city of Indianapolis, and lots more to travel around town.  One thing is for certain, lots of food will be consumed for the big game.  With this large amount of food, there comes a lot of waste.  It is nice to know, however, that plans are in place to help reduce the negative impact of the Superbowl. [Read more…]

A New Year, A New You

Every year, we all try our best to improve upon our lives for the new year.  For some people it is a matter of getting fit, getting more organized, or accomplishing a feat they have always wanted to try.  This year maybe our goal should be to live a greener, more eco-friendly life.

It’s really not hard to change a few things in our lives to reduce our impact on the earth.  The hard part is getting started, but once we get going we usually find that it becomes a comfortable part of our day-to-day lives.  Here are a few ideas to make 2012 your greenest year yet. [Read more…]

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