I love our Logo

I thought I would just share our logo.  It is so simple and clean.

Getting people to recycle

My office cleaning contracts receive free recycling setups and maintenance.  The hardest part is getting people to actually use this service.  With most things it takes time.  As people become more aware of the bin being there and that it does not take any more time to toss it in a different place, people start to recycle more.  Sadly, I still see bottles and can in the trash right next to the recycling bin…

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Basements, your personal cold cave.

I love the fact that our basement is always a cold retreat.  No matter how hot it gets I have a place I can run around with my fam and not worry about passing out. It is good times!

Crazy hot day! Glad we have our rain barrel!

On these long stretches of high heat and no rain, I am thankful for our rain barrel.  It allows us to not use our home’s water to water our garden.  Our veggies are doing ok but they could really use some steady rain and lower temps.  Hope the watermelons survive.


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Cardboard recycling in Avon Indiana

Did you know that in Avon there is a cardboard recycling dumpster for public use?  It is right behind the Burger King on the corner of Dan Jones and 36.  It is a great location and very central in Hendricks County.  So please do not trow away your cardboard boxes and recycle them!


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Long time, No blog

I have been really busy as of late at Real Green Cleaning.  I will try to blog more often about simple ways that I have been making my life a little more green.


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Earth Day 2011

So, What are you going to do differently due to Earth Day?

A lot of events this year are actually taking place the weekend before Earth Day due to Earth Day being on the same weekend as Easter.  It is sad how this day has become like new years resolution time for the earth and how typically the changes do not last.  We should make this year different.  If you what to recycle, then start recycling.  If you want to by as much locally that you can, do so.  But these things do not need to wait to change once Earth Day rolls around.  You can makes these changes now.  What ever you plan on changing this year to help the earth, start now.


Trash everywhere!

So as I drive around the city, I see trash from all the storms everywhere.  It is really sad to see green areas cluttered with trash.  Thursday is going to be near 70 degrees so I think I am going to go out and make what little dent one person can in the areas around me.


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