Weatherproofing The House

It may seem like a lot of work, but increasing the efficiency of your home for winter is really pretty simple.  There are three inexpensive and simple things you can do to reduce the energy you use during the cold months: caulk and seal windows, install draft-stoppers and/or weatherstripping to exterior doors, and adjust window […] Read more »

We’re Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Here in Indianapolis, it seems impossible to picture a White Christmas right now.  It is 60 degrees and rainy out there!  A green Christmas, however, is still very attainable.  According to the EPA, the average US family generates 25% more waste (totaling 1 million tons a week) between Thanksgiving and New Years day.  All of […] Read more »

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Real Green Cleaning always strives to make sure that we can offer our clients the best experience when it comes to or cleaning.  One of those areas is commercial carpet cleaning.  Commercial carpet cleaning requires a deeper knowledge of your cleaning solutions and also the typical time restraints.  AT Real Green Cleaning, we know just […] Read more »

The Importance of a Good Vacuum

Real Green Cleaning sees that using a proper vacuum for every job a vital importance.  If it is for our carpet cleaning or our office cleaning, we have made sure that we use some of the very best to provide a deep clean and also clean air to breath.  For our Office Cleaning we use […] Read more »

Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning Real Green Cleaning offers an area rug cleaning service that combines the fast drying system with a deep cleaning that area rugs require.  Large or small, long or short.  All area rugs should be cleaned as often as your carpets are cleaned.  Our system gets deep into the fibers of the rug […] Read more »

Glad to see the kids back to school

I am glad to see the kids back to school.  Do I have kids in school? Nope.  But in the carpet cleaning industry, for an entire month people with school aged children are not thinking about getting their carpet cleaned.  Who can blame them.  There are soooooo many things that people have to buy and […] Read more »

Small business owners join forces

I am part of Home Based Power Circle, a group of sales and business owners that work closely together to ensure that our clients have a trustworthy list of local companies to call.  Check them out at the link below! Home Improvement Indianapolis     Read more »

30+ mpg is a big step towards being more green!

At Real Green Cleaning, we honestly try to do our service in the most GREEN manner that we can.  Our Real Green CLeaning car gets over 30MPG and can haul everything that we need to do a job properly.  No huge V8 vans for us!       Read more »

Mishler Plumbing

I thought that I would give a quick shout out to Mishler Plumbing.  Our sump pump (during a drought…) went out and I was able to get some one out there fast to take care of the problem before there was a worse problem (still no rain…). Check them out at Plumbing Indianapolis    Read more »

Green is who we are

So as a business we strive to be true to our company name.  Real Green Cleaning is just that, an office cleaning and carpet cleaning service that focuses on doing the job in the most green and effective way. I will be blogging about the many different ways that makes us Real Green Cleaning. Read more »