The Importance of a Good Vacuum

Real Green Cleaning sees that using a proper vacuum for every job a vital importance.  If it is for our carpet cleaning or our office cleaning, we have made sure that we use some of the very best to provide a deep clean and also clean air to breath.  For our Office Cleaning we use a backpack style vacuum that has a multi stage HEPA filter and work at a low volume to insure the safety of the user and those who might be near at the time of the cleaning.  Bags are changed often to provide the best results every time.  Our vacuum for carpet cleaning is a SEBO X4, which is one of the best vacuums made.  No cheap 40-dollar special vacuum for us!  It has a hospital grade air filtration system that trap all the things we cannot see but do not want to breath.  The brush spins at 2400 rpm which is more the four times faster then a standard vacuum to ensure that the brush digs deep into the carpet to get is deep cleaned.  Vacuums are an area that most carpet cleaners fail on see the importance of.  We know that if you add water to dust you make mud.  Mud is one of the last things you want in your carpet! Real Green Cleaning cares about every step of the process! Contact us today to learn more about our system.

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